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Installation Instructions, Operations, and Warranty Information for Model 5800, Including Gray Tank Bypass Kit.

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This RV conversion offers a tremendous benefit allowing users to increase the enjoyment of camping and traveling in an RV or camper.  We hope you get great enjoyment out of your RV, and that our products can make it that much more fun!  Learn more about our products here!

Installation Instructions

After determining the control box location for the installation, prepare to pull the wires to the 12 volt 15 amp source.  The recommended source for the electric supply is the house batteries or the chassis battery.  Any 12 volt 15 amp circuit that will not be used during the function of powering the pump motor will provide adequate power for installation.  Circuit protection should be provided by an inline 20 amp fuse or circuit breaker, which is furnished with the RV Sani-Con.    Battery terminal connectors are not furnished.

As the wires are pulled through the drilled hose, be careful not to catch and tear wire casing on sharp metal.  Use wire ties to secure the wiring.   Install the circuit breaker as close to the power source as possible.

Final installation includes connecting the 3" inlet hose adapter to the sewer pipe of your RV. To provide the correct sweep of the 3" hose and prevent the 3" hose from becoming loose. Loosen the clamp around the hose and hook the adapter to the sewer pipe. Place the hose on the adapter and tighten the clamp in the new position of the hose and adapter.

Installing the Gray Water Bypass Hose Kit

Connect the bypass hose to the on-off valve on the 3" adapter first. Then connect the "T" and turn the on-off valve to the off position.

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Final Installation Steps

The RV Sani-Con System can be installed on all types of RVs that have the physical space to locate the pump motor control box. The pump-motor and the control switch may be removed and installed directly to the RV compartment floor or other surface.

Final steps to complete the installation should consist of installing wire ties to hold the wires in place. Check all wiring connections and splices and wrap electrical tape around wire that might chafe from vibrations.

Operating Instructions

The RV Sani-Con System has been designed to operate very easily. Follow these instructions and you will enjoy the benefits of this appliance for many years of safe operation. 
Typical Tank

Emptying Operation

Remove the discharge hose from storage and with the end of the hose held pointing up, unthread the drip cap from the end of the hose. Insert the hose end into the sewer opening. If the hose will be left in the sewer pipe, a donut ring (not furnished) should be placed around the threaded ring on the end of the discharge hose end if the sewer pipe opening does not have threads. 
Open the on-off valve by turning the handle in the direction of flow. The valve is closed when the handle is crossing the direction of flow. Note: The discharge hose does not resist flow and "snake around" when the pump is turned on. The hose is larger in diameter than the outlet of the pump resulting in free flow through the hose and valve flow ports. End of Note: Open the tank valve to be emptied, typically the black tank first. 
Valve Open
Valve Closed
Flip the switch to operate the pump and allow the pump to run until the tank is emptied. Turn the pump off and open the gray tank. Turn the pump on until the gray tank is empty. 
Note: The pump motor runs faster when the tank has emptied and sounds different from the sound of pumping liquid. End of Note: Close the tank valves. Close the valve on the end of the hose and remove the hose end from the sewer opening. Point the end of the hose up and rethread the drip cap on the end of the hose. Return the hose to the storage compartment.

Gray Water Bypass Continuous Flow

The RV Sani-Con System will not allow flow to occur through the pump unless the pump is turned on. To bypass the pump, your system is equipped with the Gray Tank Bypass Kit. This kit will be used when the RV is parked at a site with a sewer opening to allow the gray tank to empty continuously and is easy to operate. Operate the system as above to empty the gray tank, however, leave the gray tank valve in the open position. Open the on-off valve fastened to the 3" inlet hose adapter. The hose will bypass the pump and allow flow to enter the "T" installed in the discharge hose.

Pump Details

The grinder-transfer pump grinds waste down to a particle size of 1/8". This allows the waste to be pumped through a 1" hose into the sewer. The pump is self-priming up to 4 feet permitting the pump to be mounted above the RV 3" pipe outlet from the tanks. This feature makes it convenient and beneficial to install the RV Sani-Con on fifth wheel and travel trailers as well as Class A's and Class C's with compartments.

The pump will also pump the water approximately 20 feet above the pump, which will make the RV Sani-Con convenient to empty the holding tanks on RV's into larger auxiliary tanks mounted in the bed of towing vehicles. This will permit the auxiliary tanks to be discharged at dump stations instead of using portable drain tanks and several trips to the dump station or moving the RV to the dump station. A 1-inch hose can then empty the auxiliary tank quickly and easily.

Pump Precautions

The pump has been designed to handle solid waste, toilet tissue, and facial tissue. It will also handle solids such as filter tip cigarettes, cigars, and chunks of soft fruits and vegetables smaller than 1" in size.

The pump will not handle rags, strings, or sanitary napkins. Do not run the pump dry. The dc motor is suitable only for intermittent duty; do not run the pump for more than 15 minutes continuously.

The RV Sani-Con is equipped with a port in the control box to insert a blade type screwdriver into the shaft of the motor to free the impeller.

The pump must be wired correctly. The red wire is positive and the black wire is negative. Damage to the pump motor will occur if not wired properly.


To store the RV Sani-Con for the winter, pour RV anti-freeze into the gray tank. With the gray tank valve open, run the pump motor until pink anti-freeze is visible at the end of the discharge hose.

Installation Examples


Country Coach with control box removed to fit the compartment


Fifth Wheel Trailer with switch relocated to rear compartment, Prowler

Typical Utility Compartment without Gray Tank Bypass Kit

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